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The Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC) concluded the candidate designation process with its 2022 County Designating Convention on Saturday, February 19.

MCDC’s designation process allows its more than 1,900 elected members on 29 City Legislative District and Town committees to vote on the party’s endorsed candidates. Historically a 75-day process, the 2022 designation process took place over a condensed time frame of four days (due to redistricting) to designate for 16 federal, state, and local positions. 

Multiple rounds of voting are possible throughout MCDC’s designation process. Round one consisted of individual committee caucus votes, reported by the leader of each committee. Any candidate who received 50% on this initial ballot was designated by MCDC. When a position did not have a candidate reach 50%, a second round of voting was held, where leaders cast a vote on behalf of their entire committee at their discretion. 

“The results of our 2022 Convention have ramifications beyond Monroe County,” said MCDC Chairman Zach King. “We have nominated candidates who will fight for the working-class; work to find better strategies to address public safety; and ensure that every citizen has equal opportunity regardless of color, creed, or condition. I am proud to stand as MCDC Chair as we announce our candidates to send back to Washington D.C., back to Albany, and into our backyard here in Monroe County to continue the good fight. Congratulations to all!” 


United States House of Representatives – NY 25: Joe Morelle 
New York State Senate – 56th District: Samra Brouk
New York State Senate – 57th District: Jeremy Cooney 
New York State Assembly – 130th District: Scott Comegys 
New York State Assembly – 133rd District: Sara Spezzano 
New York State Assembly – 135th District: Jen Lunsford 
New York State Assembly – 136th District: Sarah Clark 
New York State Assembly – 137th District: Demond Meeks 
New York State Assembly – 138th District: Harry Bronson 
Monroe County Family Court Justice: Deral Givens 
City of Rochester City Court Justice: Jacquelyn Grippe & LaToya Lee 
Town of Parma Town Justice: John Huber 
Village of Fairport Mayor: Julie Domaratz 
Village of Fairport Trustee: Adam Bonosky & Tracy Briggs