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Elect Linda Hasman for County Legislature

As MCDC’s designated candidate for County Legislator for the 23rd District, Linda Hasman aims to prioritize Monroe County families and our most vulnerable citizens by addressing issues with Child Protective Services (CPS), Early Intervention Services, Child Care Subsidies. She also addresses the opioid epidemic, climate change, the LBGTQ community and the well-being of our elderly. Linda also endorsed by NYSUT Rochester, and 1199 SEIU

Originally from Oswego, NY, and relocating to the Rochester-Area in 2006, Linda has worked as a medical librarian at the University at Buffalo and currently works at the University of Rochester Medical Center as the Assistant Director for Research and Clinical Information at Miner Library. She has been involved in research teams, patient care teams, community health projects and helping patients and families access quality, reliable health information. In Addition, Linda is currently working on a Master’s in Public Health at the U of R.

Linda aims to tackle Monroe County’s Child Protective Services’ staff shortages, excessive caseloads, and high turnover; early intervention services needed for children with disabilities and child care subsidies. She is also prioritizing the alarming opioid epidemic as she believes Monroe County should adopt multi-modal, evidence-based approaches that bring together various stakeholders in the community from health care providers, public health experts, family members, and local governments. Additionally, Linda plans to offer targeted tax breaks for solar panels, insulation, and modernizing windows to combat rapid climate change, improve public transportation, increase the number of bicycle lanes, community composting, and increasing green spaces.

Furthermore, in alliance with the LGBTQ community, Linda supports building coalitions of community stakeholders to reduce the burden of health disparities, homelessness affecting our LGBTQ youth. Lastly, Linda aims to bring together health care providers, seniors, government officials, and other key stakeholders to identify a way to implement housing and transportation innovations that could benefit senior citizens.

Vote for Linda Hasman for County Legislator on June 25th