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Democratic Challenger Steve Schultz Defeats Incumbent Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore Pledging a New Era of Transparency and Accountability

In an upset election, Henrietta residents elected Democratic Challenger Steve Schultz to replace Jack Moore as Town Supervisor.

Schultz, the founder of Pictometry International ran on a platform of ethical government, financial responsibility, and transparency.

“Personally, I am fiscally frugal. That does not mean I want to slash and burn programs—it simply means I want to run programs as cost effectively as possible and spend tax payer money (your money!) prudently and with proper oversight,” said Schultz.

“I get very frustrated, for example, when I see how much we’ve spent on our Rec Center and how little we’ve gotten for it,” he explained.

“Nearly $240 per square foot for what is essentially warehouse space. There are no locker rooms, no air conditioning in the gym, and not even an air handler that can deal with gymnastics chalk. So, what did we spend all that money on? Especially considering we used our highway department to prepare the site and our parks department to do the landscaping.” [1]

For many residents, the election was as much about realizing Schultz’s vision as it was about removing Jack Moore from office.

Multiple complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have been filed against Jack Moore for discrimination and racist remarks. [2]

As News 10 WHEC reported:  “Witness testimony verifies that the Supervisor made the comment ‘this desk is heavier than ten dead n—ers’ while moving the Charging Party’s desk during her [an employee’s] involuntary transfer.” [3]

Schultz hopes to usher in an era of transparency, accountability, and responsibility.

“No more counting developments-in-progress as empty space. No more saying there are no proposals on the table when there have been. No more skirting referendum laws by holding off making capital payments until after everything is rezoned,” said Shultz. “We need to restore town trust.”

Henrietta residents also elected Rob Barley and Michael J. Stafford to the Town Board, creating a fully Democratic town government in Henrietta.






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