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Brighton Supervisor Moehle Reflects on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Supervisor Moehle’s remarks were originally published in the Brighton Pittsford Post, and have been shared here in its entirety. The original post entitled “Diversity Makes A Stronger Community” can be found here: 

During January of each year, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr. King was committed to building communities and a world in which equality for all men and women would be the basis of a just society. In Brighton, we know that diversity is one of our core values, and through our diversity we become a stronger community. Families move to Brighton for many reasons, but one of the primary reasons I hear over and over from new residents in Brighton is that Brighton met their desire to live in a diverse community.

A little more than a year ago, two Brighton neighborhoods woke up to find anonymous fliers in their driveways; fliers that contained racist and anti-Semitic hate speech. Last March, the JCC, in Brighton, which serves thousands of people from every faith and background, was targeted twice by bomb threats.

In response to the anonymous fliers, I invited a number of community members from different races, faiths and backgrounds to meet here at Town Hall to discuss how the community could respond. Out of that meeting, CURB, Community Uprooting Racism in Brighton, was established, and a candlelight march was held to show the solidarity of the Brighton community in support of community diversity. CURB continues to promote diversity and inclusion in Brighton through action and dialogue. In the wake of the JCC threats, we witnessed the leadership of the JCC continuing to open their doors to community members in need of warmth after the severe wind storm and outreach from Brighton’s Islamic Center to the JCC to demonstrate their solidarity as brothers and sisters in our community. In each case, instead of retreating to bunkers of ignorance and fear in response to hate, Brighton responded with love and support.

As a government leader, it is important to me that town government in Brighton also continues to reflect and support the community in which we live and work. We have adopted laws in Brighton to protect the civil rights of members of the LGBTQ community. Whenever possible, we reach out to minority media and community organizations when hiring new employees. We will soon consider local legislation that will prohibit discriminating against renters based on the source of their income. Finally, along with our newest Councilmember Robin Wilt, I will establish a new advisory committee to help establish programs that reflect and support the diversity of Brighton and to assist town government in identifying and implementing new inclusive practices that we can use in our operations. All of these programs and more have made Brighton an inclusive and diverse community and we are committed that your town government also continues to reflect and model that inclusiveness.

– William Moehle, Brighton Town Supervisor

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