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Democrats Elected to Office on Nov. 5: A Complete List

County-wide, we unseated Republican incumbents in the County Executive and County Court Judges races and we claimed an open County Court Judge seat.

Monroe County Executive: Adam Bello

Monroe County Court Judges: Karen Bailey Turner and Michael Dollinger

Democrats now hold 14 of 29 seats on the County Legislature. John Baynes beat the Republican incumbent in the 18th district, Michael Yudelson picked up a seat in the 13th district and Yversha Roman in the 26th district.

County Legislature 10th: Howard Maffucci
County Legislature 13th: Michael Yudelson
County Legislature 14th: Justin Wilcox
County Legislature 17th: Joe Morelle Jr.
County Legislature 18th: John Baynes
County Legislature 21st: Rachel Barnhart
County Legislature 22nd: Vincent R. Felder
County Legislature 23rd: Linda M. Hasman
County Legislature 24th: Joshua Bauroth
County Legislature 25th: John Lightfoot
County Legislature 26th: Yversha Roman
County Legislature 27th: Sabrina LaMar
County Legislature 28th: Frank Keophetlasy
County Legislature 29th: Ernest S. Flagler-Mitchell

In the City of Rochester, Democrats won all four city council seats, all four seats on the school board, and both city court judgeships.

Rochester City Council East: Mary Lupien
Rochester City Council Northeast: Michael Patterson
Rochester City Council Northwest: Jose Peo
Rochester City Council South: LaShay Harris
Rochester City School Board: Ricardo Adams, Beatriz LeBron, Amy Maloy, and Willa Powell
Rochester City Court: Melissa Barrett and Nicole Morris

In the Town of Brighton, all of the Democratic incumbents were re-elected.
Brighton Town Supervisor: Bill Moehle
Town Clerk: Dan Aman
Town Board Members: Christopher Werner, Christine E. Corrado and Jason DiPonzio
Town Justice: Karen Morris

The Town of Henrietta’s Democratic incumbent supervisor was re-elected, two Democrats defeated two Republican incumbents for town justice positions, and a Democrat won one of two seats for town council. 
Henrietta Town Supervisor: Steve Schultz
Town Justices: Bob Cook and Sue Michel
Town Council: Member Millie Sefranek

In the Town of Irondequoit, the Democratic incumbent was re-elected to supervisor as was the incumbent town justice, and Democrats won two seats on the town council, defeating two Republican opponents.
Irondequoit Town Supervisor: David A. Seeley
Town Board Members: Patrina Freeman and John Perticone
Town Justice: Pat Russi

In the Town of Perinton, Democrats won a seat on the town council.
Town Council: Mere Stockman-Broadbent

A Democratic candidate in the Town of Pittsford won a seat on the town council.
Town Council: Cathleen A. Koshykar

The Democratic candidate in the Town of Rush defeated the Republican for supervisor, and a Democrat won a seat on the town council.
Town Supervisor: Gerry Kusse
Town Council: Amber Corbin

In the Town of Webster, the Republican incumbent was defeated by his Democratic challenger.
Town Supervisor: Tom Flaherty

Democratic candidates in the Village of Fairport beat their two Republican opponents for village trustee.

Trustee: Emily Mischler
Trustee: Michael Folino