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Change Starts with Us

I don’t know about you, but I’m a child of the American Dream.

When I reflect on my life, so many of the opportunities I’ve been given are because of the hard work, wisdom, and foresight of those who came before me: I can read because of the public schools; I can vote because of women’s rights leaders; I can speak my mind, practice my faith, and petition the government to change a law – all because of those who came before me.

The Americans who came before me believed in us. They worked hard, took risks, fought to expand our civil rights, and invested in a stronger, brighter future.

Today the responsibility falls on all of us to continue that legacy. That’s why, at the Monroe County Democrats, our platform is simple:

  • We believe in building a better world for our children.
  • We support one another as we strive to realize our own dreams for ourselves and our families.
  • We care for those who came before us — the generation that worked to create a better world for all of us today.

But we can’t do that work alone.

I hope you’ll join me in pledging to keep building a brighter world and stronger community and donate today.

I am so impressed and overwhelmed by the compassion, wisdom, and commitment in our community. Thank you for all of your hard work and continued support.  Together, we really are the Builders of the American Dream.


Jamie Romeo
Monroe County Democratic Committee Chairwoman
1150 University Avenue, Bldg 5
Rochester, NY 14607
P: 585-232-2410
F: 595-232-1223





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