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Urgent: Your voice is needed. Republicans slam the door on fair redistricting process

Attention Monroe County Democrats:

We need your voice now. 

Last night, at the first of ONLY three scheduled public hearings on the Monroe County Redistricting process, Republicans told us through actions and words that they do not care about the voice of citizens and will hold a closed-door process to draw district lines the way they see fit. 

Here is why we are concerned. 

  • When Democratic Elections Commissioner Jackie Ortiz requested that the Commission hold more than one public meeting before lines are drawn, Republican representatives said NO. 
  • When concerned citizens voiced their concerns about not having time to have input last night in Mendon, Majority Leader Steve Brew told them not to worry, that it is really “Republican Operatives” who will be drawing the district lines.
  • WORSE YET, President Joe Carbone, Chair of the Commission, did not even bother to attend the meeting last night; instead going to a campaign event for his reelection campaign. 

The message from Republicans is simple: they do not care about the voice of citizens in the local redistricting process. They are going to ram through a partisan map that gerrymanders districts and splits up neighborhoods, towns, and cities, in ways that disenfranchise voters. 

What can we do to stop this? STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! 

There are two more open hearings scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night in Monroe County. It is imperative that you attend and have your voices heard. No sign up is required ahead of time, just show up, stand up, and speak out! 

Next two meetings: 

  • Thursday, October 14 at the Monroe County Office Building’s Legislature Chambers
  • Friday, October 15 at the Hamlin Town Hall
  • Each meeting will take place at 7 p.m.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can submit remarks and testimony to this email:

We ask that you email the County Legislature and then share your testimony on all social media platforms with #FairLineforMonroe

If we do not act today, our communities will be further divided for the next 10 years. Please stand up and speak out today!