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The Dust has Settled

Last night, the voters decided and their will was clear. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren has decisively earned a second term, and we have our Democratic Teams for Rochester City Council in Loretta Scott, Jackie Ortiz, Malik Evans, Willie Joe Lightfoot Jr., and Mitch Gruber; and for Rochester City School Board with Van White, Cynthia Elliott, and Natalie Sheppard.

Many people heard President Obama’s call to action earlier this year and ran for office this year. We congratulate and commend each candidate for their efforts and enthusiasm; running for office is no small task and takes courage to put yourself out there. But more importantly, we hope you will stay involved and engaged and support our Democratic Team that has been chosen by voters yesterday. There is a place for everyone in our Party. We all are motivated by the same cause, to create positive change in our community. We may disagree on the methods and priorities, but no single level of government will be able to tackle the problems our community faces alone. We need to elect Democrats to bring our voices to governing boards across this County.

We cannot take for granted the General Election that we have in November, both in the City of Rochester as well as in towns across this County. We have many candidates and volunteers from across this County, and a lot of experience and knowledge coming from our races yesterday within the City. We have many opportunities to support Democrats in November. We look forward to working with everyone as we continue the hard work towards November 7th.

Thank you.

– Jamie

MCDC Chairwoman

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