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We Remember

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the 9-11 Terrorists Attacks, a day we take to reflect on the lives list, sacrifices made, and courage that brought us together as a Nation.  Our Democratic Family has lost some amazing members over the past week; each having contributed to the vision of a better community for our neighbors and the next generation. Rev. Vernice Warfield, a local civil rights icon and minister; Jacque Cady, a fierce advocate for the children in our community; Andrew Caverly, a longtime Democratic advocate; and Lauren Morelle, who took on cancer by the horns and courageously shared her path to help empower others families.

Loss often drives us to reflect on our own lives and actions. Following the 2016 Election, a number of us found ourselves in a similar reflection on the state of our democracy, and what our roles are in it.

Regardless of whom you support, MCDC will continue to work to make sure every voter can have access to the ballot box on Election Day. You may not be eligible in participating in a Primary Election as a voter, but you can volunteer those who need assistance getting to the polls. You can sign up here to pitch in here.

Let’s all do our part to make our democracy stronger.

Thank you.

– Jamie

MCDC Chairwoman

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