• Rochester City Council Approves Xerox International Jazz Festival 2018 and Party in the Park 2018 in Unanimous Vote

    In a unanimous vote, the Rochester City Council approved its 2018 agreements with the Xerox International Jazz Festival and Party in the Park.

    Both events draw large crowds and are a major boon for the local economy. In 2016, the Jazz Festival alone drew an estimated crowd of 205,000, and has an estimated economic impact of $8 – $10 million. [1] [2]

    Headliners for the upcoming Xerox International Jazz Festival 2018 include Seal, Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, and Alison Krauss, with more of the lineup set to be announced during the spring. [3]

    The lineup for Party in the Park is typically announced in May.

    “The Xerox International Jazz Festival is one of my favorite local events,” says Monroe County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Jamie Romeo. “It is wonderful to see people from all over the Rochester area coming together with dancing, celebration, and music. I see people of all ages and all walks of life, from the couple who has attended every year since the first festival in 2002, to the wide-eyed child who is taking it all in for the very first time. Rochester’s beloved jazz festival is a testament to what we can achieve when artists, businesses, City leadership, and the Rochester Police Department work together.”


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  • Pittsford Town Board Recognizes Groundskeeper Tim Romeo for Outstanding Service

    On November 21st, the Pittsford Town Board recognized volunteer groundskeeper Tim Romeo for his outstanding service as the caretaker of Pittsford Cemetery.

    Over the last three years, Romeo cleaned and repaired hundreds of headstones, painted fences, and maintained the grounds – all as a volunteer with no paid staff.

    “His efforts are an inspiration to others, and his kind and caring greetings, shared freely and frequently as he works, bring warmth and cheer to those he meets,” said Pittsford Supervisor Bill Smith in his commendation. ” . . . [his] efforts have helped maintain the dignity of final repose for the interred.”[1]

    Following his commendation at the Town Board, Romeo received a standing ovation.

    “Our region is lucky to have such a strong spirit of service and volunteerism,” said Monroe County Democratic Chairwoman Jamie Romeo. “It is people like Tim Romeo who make our hometowns truly feel like home.”

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  • Democrat Howard Maffucci Wins Seat on Monroe County Legislature

    On Tuesday, November 7th residents of East Rochester, Brighton, and Pittsford elected Howard Maffucci as their representative in the Monroe County Legislature.

    Maffucci, a long-time Pittsford resident served as Superintendent of East Rochester Schools from 1996-2010.

    “My goal as a County Legislator is to deliver smart, practical results for the county,” said Maffucci. “From the earliest days of my career, I’ve fought for the policies that mattered most to our children and our community.  As a school superintendent, I embraced a simple planning process – What do you want to do?  How do you want to do it?  How are you going to pay for it? – and emphasized finding creative solutions to organizational problems.” [1]

    Maffucci succeeds the term-limited Republican legislator Anthony Daniele.

    “I am evidence that our community can and will do better,” said Maffucci. “I am honored to be a county legislator.” [2]


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  • Pittsford Elects Local Democrats Stephanie Townsend and Kevin Beckford for Town Board

    On Tuesday, Nov. 7, residents of Pittsford elected two Democratic board members: Stephanie Townsend, a small business owner and adjunct professor at Nazareth College and St. John Fisher,  and Kevin Beckford, a business leader who has worked for Kodak, PNC, and Rochester General.

    “This is a very big change for our town,” Townsend said in a recent interview.[1]  “It’s been a very one-party board. And it has been for about 80 plus years. But one-third (of Pittsford residents) are Republican, one-third are Democrat, and one-third are Independent. That is a very different story than what the stereotype [about Pittsford] leads you to believe.”

    Both expressed the importance of using their new roles to support local businesses, seniors, and young families.

    “The town of Pittsford must harness the power of technology and innovation, support its small businesses, explore revenue opportunities, and develop a fair tax system that provides long-term economic security for our town and its residents,” said Beckford.

    The two new board members were sworn in on Tuesday, January 2nd.

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  • The Dust has Settled

    Last night, the voters decided and their will was clear. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren has decisively earned a second term, and we have our Democratic Teams for Rochester City Council in Loretta Scott, Jackie Ortiz, Malik Evans, Willie Joe Lightfoot Jr., and Mitch Gruber; and for Rochester City School Board with Van White, Cynthia Elliott, and Natalie Sheppard.

    Many people heard President Obama’s call to action earlier this year and ran for office this year. We congratulate and commend each candidate for their efforts and enthusiasm; running for office is no small task and takes courage to put yourself out there. But more importantly, we hope you will stay involved and engaged and support our Democratic Team that has been chosen by voters yesterday. There is a place for everyone in our Party. We all are motivated by the same cause, to create positive change in our community. We may disagree on the methods and priorities, but no single level of government will be able to tackle the problems our community faces alone. We need to elect Democrats to bring our voices to governing boards across this County.

    We cannot take for granted the General Election that we have in November, both in the City of Rochester as well as in towns across this County. We have many candidates and volunteers from across this County, and a lot of experience and knowledge coming from our races yesterday within the City. We have many opportunities to support Democrats in November. We look forward to working with everyone as we continue the hard work towards November 7th.

    Thank you.

    – Jamie

    MCDC Chairwoman