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Not sure who your elected representatives are, or which Monroe County Legislative District you’re in? Visit the Monroe County Board of Elections website and enter your last name and address for the congressional, county, and, local districts in which you reside. You will also see a list of your representatives at every level and a map to your polling place.

United States

Jaime Harrison

Chair, Democratic National Committee

Joe Biden

US President

Kamala Harris

US Vice President

Chuck Schumer

US Senator, Senate Majority Leader

Kirsten Gillibrand

US Senator

Joe Morelle

US Congressman, 25th District

New York State

Jay Jacobs

Chair, NY State Democratic Committee

Kathy Hochul


Antonio Delgado

Lieutenant Governor

Letitia James

Attorney General

Thomas DiNapoli


Samra Brouk

State Senator, 55th District

Jeremy Cooney

State Senator, 56th District

Jennifer Lunsford

State Assemblymember, 135th District

Sarah Clark

State Assemblymember, 136th District

Demond Meeks

State Assemblymember, 137th District

Harry Bronson

State Assemblymember, 138th District

Monroe County

Stephen DeVay

Chair, Monroe County Democratic Committee

Adam Bello

County Executive

Jamie Romeo

County Clerk

Jackie Ortiz

Commissioner, County Board of Elections

Todd Baxter

County Sheriff

Howard Maffucci

County Legislator, 10th District

Michael Yudelson

County Legislator, 13th District

Susan Hughes-Smith

County Legislator, 14th District

Dave Long

County Legislator, 16th District

Maria Vecchio

County Legislator, 17th District

John Baynes

County Legislator, 18th District

Rachel Barnhart

County Legislator, 21st District

Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons

County Legislator, 22nd District, Assistant Minority Leader

Linda Hasman

County Legislator, 23rd District, Assistant Minority Leader

Albert Blankley

County Legislator, 24th District

Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman

County Legislator, 25th District

Yversha Roman

County Legislator, 26th District, Minority Leader

Sabrina LaMar

County Legislator, 27th District, President, Republican caucus member

Ricky Frazier

County Legislator, 28th District

 William Burgess

County Legislator, 29th District

City of Rochester

Malik Evans


Miguel Meléndez, Jr.

City Councilmember, At Large, President

Mitch Gruber

City Councilmember, At Large

Willie Lightfoot

City Councilmember, At Large

Stanley Martin

City Councilmember, At Large

Kim Smith

City Councilmember, At Large

LaShay Harris

City Councilmember, South District

Mary Lupien

City Councilmember, East District, Vice President

Michael Patterson

City Councilmember, Northeast District

Jose Peo

City Councilmember, Northwest District

Cynthia Elliott

Commissioner of Schools, President

Beatriz LeBron

Commissioner of Schools, Vice President

Ricardo Adams

Commissioner of Schools

Amy Maloy

Commissioner of Schools

James Patterson

Commissioner of Schools

Willa Powell

Commissioner of Schools

Camille Simmons

Commissioner of Schools

Town of Brighton

Bill Moehle

Town Supervisor

Daniel Aman

Town Clerk

Christine Corrado

Town Councilmember

Jason DiPonzio

Town Councilmember

Christopher Werner

Town Councilmember

Robin Wilt

Town Councilmember

Town of Henrietta

Steve Schultz

Town Supervisor

Millie Sefranek

Town Councilmember

Town of Irondequoit

Patrina Freeman

Town Councilmember

John Perticone

Town Councilmember

Kimie Romeo

Town Councilmember

Peter Wehner

Town Councilmember

Town of Perinton

Meredith Stockman-Broadbent

Town Councilmember

Town of Pittsford

Cathy Koshykar

Town Councilmember

Stephanie Townsend

Town Councilmember

Town of Rush

Gerry Kusse

Town Supervisor

 Daniel Chase

Town Councilmember

Amber Corbin

Town Councilmember

Jeanne Morelli

Town Councilmember

Village of Fairport

Julie Domaratz

Village Mayor

Adam Bonosky

Village Trustee

Tracy Briggs

Village Trustee

Village of Pittsford

Alysa Plummer

Village Mayor

Renée Stetzer

Village Trustee, Deputy Mayor

Daniel Keating

Village Trustee

Linda (Lili) Lanphear

Village Trustee