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We are the Monroe County Democrats! Whether you’re a lifelong Democrat, you don’t identify with a political party, or you find yourself somewhere in between — you are welcome here.

Our Programs

We recruit, train, and support dynamite local leaders.

We seek out the very best talent — from the private sector, community organizations, schools, and non-profits — and give them the tools they need to succeed in public office. Once elected, we connect public servants with mentors who can offer advice, answer questions, and share their experiences.

We promote hands-on citizenship.

We help Monroe County residents engage in the political process by running for office, participating in local government, volunteering on campaigns, and registering voters. We believe that government by and for the people means bringing everyone to the table.

We serve as a forum for civil discourse.

We welcome feedback from the community. We believe that democracy thrives when there is participation, along with a free exchange of ideas and information.

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