What We Stand For

We stand for the same big ideas that have always inspired us: the promise of education, the importance of good jobs and decent wages, the value of safe, healthy communities, and the sweetness of liberty and freedom.

We've also learned the importance of getting the details right: managing the local budget with precision and prudence, demanding transparency and accountability of all our leaders, and getting everyone to the table to make decisions that matter.

Our Nation is considered the great experiment of governance by the people, for the people. We have proven to constantly overcome our challenges while growing toward our promise. Each day, and each election we become better with each decision made, with each vote cast, and with each candidate elected.

Here at the Monroe County Democrats, we identify inspiring talent, speak truth to power, and challenge our representative government to act for the benefit of all its people, to be representative of our community's interest, and to form a government for you, the people. Every day we strive to make a difference, and to be leaders in our state, our nation, and our world. But to get there, it begins and ends with you!

Our Priorities

We believe in good governance and fiscal responsibility.

We believe that the principles that apply to the kitchen table are the same that apply when managing hard-earned tax dollars in local government: honesty, accountability, and preparedness. We invest in programs that work; we modify or eliminate programs that don't; we plan for the future; and we strive for efficiency in all we do.

We strive to create good jobs and decent wages.

We support local entrepreneurs and innovators who are creating new jobs and bringing jobs to our region.

We support organizations that train or re-train workers; connect new graduates with growing industries; and help specific groups like veterans, domestic violence survivors, and refugees find their place in an ever-changing workplace.

We are repairing the school-to-success pipeline.

Too many families have had their lives devastated by violence, incarceration, economic insecurity, and the opioid crisis. We are committed to helping families get back on their feet, and connecting young people with college and vocational programs that prepare them for fulfilling, well-paying work.

The Monroe County Democrats: Builders of the American Dream.

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