Bring Americans Together and Remove Barriers to Opportunities

Monroe County Democrats believe in:

Ending Systemic Racism

  • We support all Monroe county residents and advocate their well-being as important members of our community.
  • We celebrate the diversity of our communities and bring together residents through festivals, parades, and other cultural events that highlight learning, inclusion, tolerance, and understanding.
  • Support partnerships between the police department and neighborhood watch associations.
  • We support the reform of the citizen review board.
  • Promote the development of economically mixed-use neighborhoods and housing
  • Support for all forms of art, including collaborate arts theatre including providing opportunities for members across all communities to participate and enjoy cultural events such as plays and concerts.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

  • We support all national, state, and local initiatives aimed at combating wealth inequities; especially racial wealth gap and gender pay gap.

Reforming our Criminal Justice System

  • We support the legislation aimed at raising the criminal responsibility age in NY.
  • We support penalties for white collar criminals that are proportionate with the offense. Executives who commit crimes should pay, not receive golden parachutes while all their subordinates go to jail.
  • We support the abolition of mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent crimes.
  • We support programs that provide rehabilitative services to incarcerated communities.
  • We will invest in additional resources to deescalate and resolve known conflicts and neighborhood disputes linked to violent crime; such as mediation services and police officer crisis intervention training.
  • We support providing funding for public defenders so everyone accused of a crime can have a competent defense and dangerous criminals are convicted and removed from our communities.

Fixing our Broken Immigration System

  • We support and are proud of Rochester’s Sanctuary City status.
  • We oppose use of the police force for deportation of undocumented members of our community in good standing.

Guaranteeing Civil Rights 

  • Increase penalties for hate crimes
  • Guaranteeing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights
  • Guaranteeing Rights for People with Disabilities
    • Right to education
    • Right to direct care
    • Resources – job access training and support

Guaranteeing Women’s Rights

  • Support affordable child care/head start
  • Support to women’s health clinics to include cancer resources
  • Support Equal Pay for Equal Work

Respecting Faith and Service

  • Support and strengthen The Corporation for National and Community Service.

Investing in Rural America

  • We support investing in rural communities in NYS.
  • Support community health centers and hospitals vital to access to health care in rural communities
  • Support farming community investing in rural transportation infrastructure

Ending Poverty and Investing in Communities Left Behind

  • We support all effective efforts to end poverty and Investing in Communities Left Behind
  • Support landlord reform to increase incentives to maintain and develop properties
  • We promote micro-economic development
  • We support tweaking Start Up NY in order to to serve rural communities-urban areas not associated with colleges and universities.
  • Support the development of entrepreneurial activities in SUNY schools -major/minor in entrepreneurship
  • Support the creation and development of Social Impact Bonds that address the greatest needs within the community.

Building Strong Cities and Metro Areas

  • We support Building Strong Cities and Metro Areas to better regional transportation
  • Development of a Light rail system to connect our community and provide jobs
  • Development of a High Speed Rail to connect NYC / Toronto / Buffalo /Rochester / Syracuse / Albany / Boston / Philadelphia
  • Subsidies for locally to allow for inexpensive daily commutes to and from New York City and Boston

Promoting Arts and Culture

  • We promote arts and culture programs because they not only contribute to the vitality of our community, but also form the centerpiece of the $1 billion tourist industry for our region.
  • We support the development of local theater by subsidizing salaries for development, grant-writing, and fundraising professionals to help qualified institutions grow
  • As part of our Small Business development outreach, we will support independent artists and craftspeople who need training in starting their own businesses and collectives.

Honoring Indigenous Tribal Nations

  • We support the inclusion of indigenous tribal nations’ history in educational programs.
  • We celebrate our neighboring indigenous communities and their sovereignty rights over their lands.

Fighting for the People of Puerto Rico

  • Local candidates for Congress and US Senate seats are encouraged o adopt a position in favor of granting equal right to vote in presidential elections, to US citizens from Puerto Rico and other territories.
  • Disseminate message among constituencies in their districts, who share common heritage or who have relatives still residing in U.S. jurisdictions where they are denied the right to vote in National elections.
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