Fight for Economic Fairness and Equality

Reining in Wall Street and Fixing our Financial System

  • We support legislation that creates incentives for local banks to invest in local companies.
  • We support the enactment and enforcement of financial transparency laws.
  • We endorse NYS conflict of interest laws and support full disclosure of conflicts of interest between private and public sectors.
  • We expect elected officials to report real or perceived conflicts of interest to their constituents, and advocate shining light on areas where conflict exists.

Promoting Competition by Stopping Corporate Concentration

  • Promote competition in our local corporate environment to encourage corporate diversity and economic development.

Making the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes

  • We support closing all tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy.
  • We support the simplification of the tax code.
  • We expect Monroe County to be a model for collecting appropriate commercial and residential tax revenues from wealthy residents and reinvesting them in our community.

Promoting Trade That is Fair and Benefits American Workers

  • We support awarding local government contracts to local business first that is also fair and transparent.