Protect Our Values

Monroe County Democrats believe in:

Women and Girls

  • We support the development of and inclusivity for women and girls in every aspect of local, national, and global society.
  • We support efforts to make childcare more accessible and affordable.
  • We support equal pay for women.
  • We are committed to fighting harassment against women and girls wherever it occurs, and we commit to ensuring that hostile work environments become obsolete.
  • We are committed to ending violence against women.
  • We are committed to providing access to health care for women and girls.
  • We support Planned Parenthood.

Human Rights

  • LGBT rights are human rights. We will advocate for policies that protect the dignity of all persons.
  • We support enforcing rules against all forms of discrimination.
  • We are committed to stopping the trafficking and modern slavery of young people.
  • We support efforts to combat cyber crimes that target vulnerable persons.
  • We support law enforcement efforts that target those who perpetrate crimes of human trafficking and modern slavery.
  • We support the Amber Alert program.
  • We are committed to supporting programs that provide services and protections to survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery.

Religious Minorities

  • Freedom of religion is a fundamental right, and we support people of all faiths.
  • We ensure the safety of religious minorities in our community.
  • We support and will promote tolerance and respect for all religions.


  • Globally, we are facing a humanitarian crisis with more than 65 million people displaced from their homes; more than 20 million of those displaced are refugees (Source: UNHCR).
  • Locally, we will work to address the crisis by supporting refugee communities living in Monroe County.
  • We support organizations and agencies that work to provide services to refugees.
  • We will fight for public school support for refugees.
  • We support and promote public education programs.
  • We support the belief that diversity strengthens communities.

Civil Society

  • The Democratic Party supports a strong and vibrant civil society.
  • We support all efforts to ensure campaigns embrace the values of integrity and honesty.
  • We will provide civics courses to help foster a knowledgeable and engaged citizenry.


  • Transparency is a fundamental component of a democracy, and we will fight corruption at all levels of government.
  • We will work to promote transparency & accountability at all levels of local government.
  • We will promote better public integrity offices. We will promote and bolster efforts of an independent watchdog.


  • We support organizations that work to provide education about HIV and AIDS.
  • We support organizations that provide counsel to those living with HIV and AIDS.
  • We will continue to provide support for programs addressing HIV, AIDS and other communal diseases.

International Labor

  • We are committed to supporting a living wage and safe work environment for all persons.
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