Our 2019 Candidates


Office District Candidate
NYS Supreme Court Justice  7th  Meredith Vacca 
Monroe County Executive County Adam Bello
Monroe County District Attorney County Shani Curry Mitchell
Monroe County Court Judge County Karen Bailey Turner
Monroe County Court Judge County Michael Dollinger

County Legislature

Office District Official
County Legislature 1st Amanda Genaux- Hauser
County Legislature 2nd Karen LoBracco
County Legislature 3rd Marvin L. Stepherson
County Legislature 4th Josh Mack
County Legislature 5th Terry Daniele
County Legislature 6th Dan J. Maloney
County Legislature 7th Jim F. Leary, Jr.
County Legislature 8th Megan K. Thompson
County Legislature 9th Catherine Dean
County Legislature 10th Howard Maffucci
County Legislature 11th Joshua I. Foladare
County Legislature 13th Michael Yudelson
County Legislature 14th Justin Wilcox
County Legislature 15th Carl “Butch” Fitzsimmons
County Legislature 16th Lorie Barnum
County Legislature 17th Joe Morelle Jr.
County Legislature 18th John Baynes
County Legislature 19th Gino Nitti
County Legislature 20th James W. Cook
County Legislature 21st Rachel Barnhart
County Legislature 22nd Vincent R. Felder
County Legislature 23rd Linda M. Hasman
County Legislature 24th Joshua Bauroth
County Legislature 25th John Lightfoot
County Legislature 26th Yversha Roman
County Legislature 27th Sabrina LaMar
County Legislature 28th Frank Keophetlasy
County Legislature 29th Ernest S. Flagler-Mitchell

City of Rochester Candidates

Office District Official
Rochester City Council East Mary Lupien
Rochester City Council Northeast Michael Patterson
Rochester City Council Northwest Jose Peo
Rochester City Council South LaShay Harris
Rochester City School Board City Ricardo Adams
Rochester City School Board City Beatriz LeBron
Rochester City School Board City Amy Maloy
Rochester City School Board City Willa Powell
Rochester City Court City Hon. Melissa Barrett
Rochester City Court City Nicole Morris

Town of Brighton

Office Official
Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle
Town Clerk Dan Aman
Town Board Member Christopher Werner
Town Board Member Christine E. Corrado
Town Board Member Jason DiPonzio
Town Justice Judge Karen Morris

Town of Clarkson

Office Official
Clarkson Town Supervisor Theresa C. Alano
Clerk Sara L. Tebo
Town Council Thomas A. Trapp
Town Council Sheldon A. Meyers

Town of Chili

Office Official
Chili Town Supervisor Christopher McCullough
Town Council Gwendolyn Clifton
Town Council Jason M. Marsherall

Village of East Rochester

Office  Official 
Village Trustee Mark McDermott

Village of Fairport

Office Official
Trustee Emily Mischler
Trustee Michael Folino

Town of Gates

Office Official
Town Supervisor William R. Kiley
Town Council Lakesha V. Carter
Trustee Theresa E. May

Town of Greece

Office District Official
Town Council 2nd Ward Rumella T. Cameron
Town Council 3rd Ward Caroline A. Shaw
Town Council 4th Ward James W. Sawers

Town of Henrietta

Office Official
Henrietta Town Supervisor Steve Schultz
Town Justice Bob Cook
Town Justice Sue Michel
Town Justice Greg Salmon
Town Council Member Jesse Redlo
Town Council Member Millie Sefranek

Town of Irondequoit

Office Official
Irondequoit Town Supervisor David A. Seeley
Town Board Member Patrina Freeman
Town Board Member John Perticone
Town Justice Pat Russi

Town of Mendon

Office Official
Town Justice Jon M. Stern
Town Council Jeffrey R. Clark
Town Council David L. Cook

Town of Penfield

Office Official
Town Justice Michael Lingle
Town Council Mindy MacLaren
Town Council Julie Mitchell

Town of Perinton

Office Official
Town Supervisor Andrew Gilchrist
Town Council Mere Stockman-Broadbent
Town Council Dalia Rodriguez-Aponte
Town Council Jeremy Jordan 

Town of Pittsford

Office Official
Town Supervisor Kendra Evans
Town Council John J. Walsh
Town Council Cathleen A. Koshykar

Town of Riga

Office Official
Town Supervisor Paula J. Randall
Town Council Stanley Main
Town Council Lillian Maira

Town of Rush

Office Official
Town Supervisor Gerry Kusse
Town Clerk Kathryn Cappella Hankins
Town Council Amber Corbin
Town Council Charles “Chaz” Rorick

Town of Sweden

Office Official
Town Council Lori Skoog
Town Council Mary Rich

Town of Webster

Office Official
Town Supervisor Tom Flaherty
Town Justice Jean Celian
Town Council Ali Petrillo
Town Council Danielle Palermo-Jimenez