MCDC Officers & Staff

Chairwoman Brittaney Wells

On October 3, 2018, Brittaney Wells accepted the nomination to become Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party. Wells made history as the first African-American to hold this position.  

In her acceptance, Wells said Monroe County Democrats must embrace a spirit of unity in order to take full advantage of the opportunity to win. Wells defined the Democratic principles that have guided her from early on as a member and officer of the Democratic Party and stated: “This is a new day in the Monroe County Democratic Committee.”

Prior to becoming Chair, Wells served as the Director of the City of Rochester’s Office of Community Wealth Building. She also successfully led Mayor Warren’s re-election campaign. Additionally, Wells spent several years in Washington, DC working for former Congresswoman Kathleen Hochul and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee(DCCC).



Political Director: Michael Read

Field Operations Manager: Brendon Bouphachay


Chair: Brittaney Wells

Executive Vice Chair: Nicole Hushla-Re

2nd Vice Chair: Dolores Gonzalez-Habes 

Secretary: Patricia Thompson

Treasurer: Hon. Mitch Gruber

Board of Election Commissioner: Colleen Anderson

Strategic Communications Committee (Stratcom)

Chair: Joanne Greene-Blose

Secretary: Anne Schepp

Website/IT: Daniel Mooney

Editor: Richard Kendrick

New York State Democratic Committee Members

District Representative   District  Representative
AD 133 Maggie Ridge AD133 Michael Slade
AD 134   AD134 Tammy Beebe
AD 135 Ron Pettingil AD135 Sue Davis
AD 136 Hon. Adam Bello AD 136 Sue Gerling
AD 137 Hon. David Gantt AD 137 Julie Hutchinson
AD 138 Kathleen Iannone AD 138 Tom Ferrarese
AD 139 Hon. Annie Crane AD 139 Rod Zulkosky