MCDC Officers & Staff


Executive Director/Chair: Brittaney Wells

Operations Manager/Asst to the Chair: Fphasieth Jimmeson

Press Secretary: Austin Wolcott


Chair: Brittaney Wells

Executive Vice Chair: Nicole Hushla-Re

2nd Vice Chair: Dolores Gonzalez-Habes 

Secretary: Patricia Thompson

Treasurer: Hon. Mitch Gruber

Acting Board of Election Commissioner: Lashana Boose

Strategic Communications Committee (Stratcom)

Chair: Joanne Greene-Blose

Secretary: Anne Schepp

Website/IT: Daniel Mooney

Editor: Richard Kendrick

New York State Democratic Committee Members

District Representative   District  Representative
AD 133 Maggie Ridge AD133 Michael Slade
AD 134 Henrietta Herriott AD134 Phil Fedele
AD 135   AD135 Sue Davis
AD 136 Hon. Adam Bello AD 136 Sue Gerling
AD 137 Hon. David Gantt AD 137 Julie Hutchinson
AD 138 Kathleen Iannone AD 138 Tom Ferrarese
AD 139 Hon. Annie Crane AD 139