City & Town Democratic Committees

City of Rochester Legislative District Leaders*

District Official Links
21st Legislative District Anthony Plonczynski
(585) 274-3538
22nd Legislative District Glenn Gamble
(585) 820-5111
23rd Legislative District Dennis O’Brien
(585) 217-7880
24th Legislative District Matt McDermott
(585) 544-8812
25th Legislative District Beatriz LeBron
26th and 7th Legislative District Yervsha Roman
(585) 957-5588
27th Legislative District Hon. Adam McFadden
(585) 279-0508
28th Legislative District Larry Kaleh
(585) 647-3929
29th Legislative District Hon. Ernest S. Flagler-Mitchell
(585) 201-1807

*Not sure who your elected representatives are, or which Monroe County Legislative District you’re in? It’s easy to find out, just visit this link to the Monroe County Board of Elections. Enter your last name and your address. You will get a list of the various congressional, county, and, if applicable, city districts in which you reside. You will also see a list of each of your representatives at every level, from the federal to the local level.  And you will even see a map to your polling place.

Town Democratic Committee Leaders

District Official Links
Brighton Daniel Aman
T (585) 857-9725
Facebook / BrightonDemocraticCommittee
Chili Kathleen Iannone
T (585) 230-4051
Clarkson Tom Trapp
T (585) 820-1330
East Rochester Gene D’Ambrose
T (585) 586-1036
Gates Bill Kiley
T (585) 247-9687
Greece Rumella Cameron  Facebook:
Hamlin Rod Zulkosky
T (585) 410-4646
Henrietta Michael Yudelson Web:
Irondequoit Dana Vernetti Facebook: irondequoitdemcommittee
Mendon Tim Pryor
T (585) 582-3211
Parma John Huber
T (585) 392-7090
Penfield Kate McArdle
T (585) 340-4746
Perinton Patrick A. Domaratz
T (585) 967-6916
Facebook: perintondems
Twitter: @perintondems
Pittsford Pam Cooper-Vince Web:
Riga Bonnie Loser Facebook: RigaDems
Rush Kathy Cappella-Hankins Web:
Sweden Hon. Annette Crane
T (585) 637-3520
Webster Sasha DiMaria