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All politics starts locally — we invite you to join your local town or city district Democratic Committee!

Not sure who your elected representatives are, or which Monroe County Legislative District you’re in? Visit the Monroe County Board of Elections website and enter your last name and address for the congressional, county, and, local districts in which you reside. You will also see a list of your representatives at every level and a map to your polling place.

City of Rochester Democratic Committee Leaders

Legislative District Official Links  
LD 17 Kristen French    
LD 21 Eric Stevens Facebook  
LD 22 Vince Felder Facebook  
LD 23 Ryan Guerra    
LD 24 Joshua Bauroth Facebook  
LD 25 Brittaney Wells Facebook  
LD 26 Hon. Yversha Roman Facebook  
LD 27 Hon. LaShay Harris  Facebook  
LD 28 Lashana Boose Facebook  
LD 29 Candice Lucas    

Town Democratic Committee Leaders

Town Official Links  
Brighton Barbara Moehle Facebook Website
Chili Chelsea O’Brien Facebook  
Clarkson Michelle Spagnola  Facebook Website
East Rochester Lafeyette Eaton Facebook  
Gates Nicholas Coffee Facebook  
Greece Henrietta Herriott Facebook  
Hamlin Steve Klafehn Facebook  
Henrietta Mike Stafford Facebook Website
Irondequoit Ryan Trevas Facebook Website
Mendon Terry Daniele Facebook Website
Ogden Ellen Robillard Facebook  
Parma Ignatius LaDelfa Facebook  
Penfield Linda Teglash Facebook Website
Perinton Dr. Matthew Brown Facebook Website
Pittsford Pam Cooper-Vince Facebook Website
Riga Bonnie Loser Facebook Website
Rush Susan Swanton Facebook Website
Sweden Karen LoBracco Facebook Website
Webster Danielle Palermo-Jimenez Facebook Website
Wheatland Sara Spezzano Facebook