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2023 County Designating Convention Results

The Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC) concluded the candidate designation process with its 2024 County Designating Convention on Saturday, February 24, at East High School.

MCDC’s designation process allows its nearly 1,800 elected members on 30 City and Town committees to vote on the party’s endorsed candidates. The process took place over the 50 days preceding the Convention, when all local committees hosted designation meetings to nominate and endorse candidates for 17 federal, state, county, and local offices. 

Multiple rounds of voting are possible throughout MCDC’s designation process. Round one consisted of individual committee caucus votes, reported by the leader of each committee. Any candidate who received 50% on this initial ballot was designated. When a position did not have a candidate reach 50%, additional rounds of voting were held, where leaders cast a vote on behalf of their entire committee at their discretion. 

“Our 2024 Democratic County Designating Convention follows a banner year, when Democratic enrollment across Monroe County topped 200,000 and we celebrated several historic wins – and we’re just getting started,” said MCDC Chairman Stephen DeVay. “This past weekend, we designated candidates with bold ideas to continue addressing the challenges our community, state, and country face. 

“I am proud to stand as MCDC Chair as we present our candidates to send back to Washington, back to Albany, and to work right here in our own backyard to make our community the best possible place for all residents to live and work. Congratulations to all – and thank you to everyone willing to serve in public office and who participated in this process!”