• After Riding the Blue Wave, MCDC Leaders Back at Work

    Barely ten days after Monroe County Democrats joined the rest of the United States in riding the wave that ripped the U.S. House of Representatives’ majority away from Republicans, local town and city leaders gathered at Monroe County Democratic Committee (MDCD) headquarters for a workshop on November 15, 2018. The newly elected local officials, representing a number of Monroe County towns and the city of Rochester, will now join MCDC’s Executive Committee. The orientation and training session was led by MCDC’s Chair, Brittaney Wells. Wells welcomed everyone stating, “We prevailed in significant, very important electoral… Read More

  • Monroe Democrats Celebrate Election Day Victories

    “This has been a big night for Democrats here in Rochester, Monroe County, across New York State, and America,” said Brittaney Wells, Chairwoman of the Monroe County Democratic Committee.  “Voters came out in droves to support sensible, hard-working Democratic candidates across the board, and we have started the ball rolling to take back our county next year and our country in two years.  The Democratic Party will move ahead after this election to offer voters candidates who will stand up for their values in next year’s local elections and beyond.  Today we gave voters a… Read More

  • It’s Time to Vote! Important Information for Voting on Tuesday, Nov. 6

    Important information for voting in the general election for federal, state, and local offices Polls are open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 6 Absentee ballot deadline is today:  Oct 30 – last day to postmark an absentee ballot application You will be casting TWO votes for Democratic Congressional candidate Joe Morelle There are TWO elections for our Congressional representative, divided into two columns on your ballot.  You will cast one vote for the two-year Congressional term beginning in January 2019 and one vote to complete the unexpired term of former Congresswoman Louise Slaughter,… Read More

  • Get Ready to Vote on Tuesday, November 6

    Get ready to vote in the general election for federal, state, and local offices on Tuesday, November 6. Polls are open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Deadlines Oct 12 – last day to register to vote in person or to postmark a mailed-in registration form Oct 30 – last day to postmark an absentee ballot application Don’t Know if You’re Registered to Vote or Where to Vote? Use Monroe County’s Online Voter site to find out if you are registered to vote, where you vote, the candidates for which you will be voting (sample ballots… Read More

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